My own yellow pages! Here's a mixture of sites that I think are cool, interesting or are run by my friends. A link here does not equal an endorsement.

Old Sites

TV Go Home

Oh Charlie.

BBC (1996)

BBC Website from 25 years ago. Why not try applying for Week Ending?

The Lee & Herring Website

It's in the past, Stew!! Aaaaaah!!

(No, not 'ahh'.)


Rob Sedgebeer's brilliant old Lee & Herring fansite. It has everything a L&H fan could want, and I spent most of my teenage years downloading the 1FM radio shows onto my ipod.

Adam and Joe Archive

Almost all the radio guff Adam & Joe have done, right back to the XFM shows. Lorra lorra fun!

Scary Sites


Information about the black market, good for writers (if the thing you're writing about is the black market.) Hasn't been updated in a few years.

The Final Fantasy House

If you haven't heard of the Final Fantasy House... I'm so sorry. Online gamer friendgroup turned abusive cult. Read the trigger warnings before you go in.

Fun Sites

Every Noise at Once

Did you know the spotify algorithm assigns every musician about a dozen genres? Type in your favourite artist and see what genres they're closest to- you might find your new favourite artist. One of the most fancinating sites on the internet.

The Surrealist Compliment Generator

More miss than hit but when it hits it hits.

Archive of Our Own

Did your favourite TV series have a disappointing ending? This site can help change that.

Travel the world with the power of radio! This site has been recommended to me so many times, I guess it's very 'me', lol.

ROM Mutagen

Insert a rom, receive a slightly corrupted rom. Turn your old GBA games into creepypasta fuel.

Submarine Cable Map

I had no IDEA there were so many underground cables! There's one that goes from Cornwall to Okinawa?! Blows my mind, man.


My pals! Not all of them have websites, so some of these will be links to their social media. All are either visual artists or ~creatives~ of some kind.

Pei Yen (she/they/他)

Ice bear personified. I own more prints of their art than I have pairs of pants.

Phoebe (she/her)

Friend from school, they have seen me at my most cringe and have the power to ruin my reputation. They also post art on @brothlcreeprs on instagram.

Aislinn (they/them)

I met Aislinn through live comedy, they also draw! Here's their twitter.

Josie (she/her)

Radio maverick and font of wisdom for all things ITV.

Sam (they/them)

Makes the best welshcakes. Opens jars for me when I'm feeble. (which is always)


Some cool sites I've come across while on neocities!